How to become an Alvadis customer if you want to sell:

  • The Western Union service
  • Gift Cards
  • E-vouchers

To become an Alvadis customer, you can either send an email to our Sales Department at sales@alvadis.be.

  1. Who do I call to receive Distrishop material or to renew my Distrishop material (receipts, cash drawer, printer, keyboard, scanner, price display)?


To renew any Distrishop material, please contact your sales representative. 

  1. Who do I call if there is a problem with Distriweb?


For any Distriweb problems, please call 02 525 16 66 and choose option 2

  1. What do the error codes on my terminal mean?







Error 1


Your terminal (Banking: Xenta or Yomani) cannot connect to the server

Check that the Ethernet cable (Belgacom, Telenet, Voo …) is plugged in correctly. Perhaps try connecting the unit to another port on your router.

Restart your terminal. If this does not work, restart your router (+ switch if there is one) and your terminal and try again.

Errors 2, 34, 37, 41, 47

Your terminal cannot make the connection or disconnects before the operation is finalised.

Try again after 5 minutes. Check that the cables are correctly plugged in.

Place an ADSL filter in front of the barracuda block strip to filter out all sorts of possible interference and background noise on your telephone line.

Error 10

Your terminal cannot connect to the server

Check that the landline cable (Belgacom…) is correctly plugged in. Perhaps plug the terminal directly to the telephone socket. Check that the other cables are correctly plugged in.

If the terminal is moved regularly, even slightly, this can create a faulty connection with the RJ11 jack on the telephone line (Belgacom, …); unplug the RJ11 jack from the telephone line and plug it back in once you have wiped the contacts clean using your fingers or a dry tissue.

Error 21

Receipt not found

A receipt is missing from the configuration of your terminal. Launch a “Teleconfiguration”

Contact the Helpdesk if the result is still negative or you do not know how to proceed.

Error 23

Problem with the limit or compatibility

Contact the Helpdesk or your supplier

Your terminal has exceeded its quota of codes or its credit line (when sales exceed the weekly previsions) or because of a top-up outside of service hours.

Error 24


Insufficient memory space: the terminal memory is full, the top-up is cancelled

Telecollection  - Teleconfiguration - green button/ok

 Call the Helpdesk if there is no progress

Check that your terminal can perform its Telecollection (when the codes that have been sold are sent to the server) every day if your terminal contains more than 300 codes all the time and erase your reports daily.

Error 27

Product not available

The product that you are trying to sell or top up online no longer exists or the stock has run out


Error 38

Interference on the line

Try again after a few minutes

Place an ADSL filter in front of the barracuda terminal strip to filter out all sorts of possible interference and background noises on your telephone line.

Error 100

            Your terminal (Barracuda Ethernet) can no longer connect to server

Check if the Ethernet cable (Belgacom, Telenet, Voo …) is plugged in correctly. Perhaps try plugging the terminal into another port on your router

Restart your terminal. If this does not work, restart your router (+ switch if there is one) and your terminal and try again.



  1. What do I do if a customer claims that the printed code is not valid?

To avoid any misunderstanding, ask for confirmation from the OPERATOR (Proximus, Base, Mobistar…) and ask the customer for the AMOUNT before printing the receipt. Beware: never take the receipt back or offer a refund in order to avoid fraud. If the customer claims that the receipt is not valid, tell the customer to contact the operator’s Helpdesk. The number can be found at the bottom of the receipt, generally under the heading “Customer Service”.

You can also send the serial number of the receipt to our Administration Service (LINK to CONTACT US: ADMINISTRATION). Our Administration Service registers all defective serial numbers that customers receive. At the end of each month, the registered serial numbers are sent to the different operators so that they can check whether the receipt has been used or not. All receipts that have not been used will be refunded.


  1. How do I cancel a Paysafecard code?

Paysafecard products are sold according to the “Pin On Demand” process. This means that if a code prints badly or if you suspect fraud, you can immediately cancel the code without administrative procedures. The codes are genuinely deactivated and are cancelled on the Paysafecard server. In this way they are blocked directly, in contrast to the old codes that could be used by wrongdoers before being blocked.







Procedure for

“Pin On Demand”


If you need to cancel a code (badly printed or suspicion of fraud):

1. Go to F4

2. Choose option “9: Transmission”

3. Press “3: Cancel sale”

4. Continue the procedure as indicated in the user manual.


The code is cancelled and returned directly to the Paysafecard server without other administrative procedures.


It is essential to reprint the cancelled receipt by carrying out a normal sale in order to avoid selling it to the next customer:

1. Select the option “Sales code”

2. Continue the procedure as indicated in the user manual

3. You can keep the receipt or discard it.



  1. I tried to sell a receipt, but it came out blank or the receipt did not print. What do I do? The first thing to do is to check that all of the elements of your unit are correctly installed: is the roll correctly positioned? Does it need to be replaced? Is the lid closed correctly? Is the feed the right one for your terminal? Once you have checked these elements, try printing a duplicate. If the duplicate does not print, the problem has not been resolved. In this case, contact the Helpdesk (Link CONTACT: Helpdesk).


  1. My cancellation has not been confirmed:

You must systematically go to the end of the cancellation process which takes place in 2 stages: after printing the “proposition” receipt, validate once again. The barracuda will connect for the request and the “SUMMARY receipt will print. Your cancellation is now confirmed.


  1. The duplicate does not print out:

Install the roll correctly (If the roll is correctly positioned but nothing prints, then try with a new roll and print the duplicate as a test print). Do not make another sale until you have obtained the duplicate.

  • Contact the Barracuda service.
  • If the Barracuda service is inaccessible (outside of opening hours), make a note of the time and date indicated on your terminal and send a fax to 02 556 41 53 to request a credit note.

If possible, keep the till rolls away from light, damp and sources of strong heat and cold. The same applies to printed receipts!


  1. There is nothing on my terminal screen, no light at all:

Your terminal is probably unplugged:

  • Check carefully that the round electrical plug is still connected (under the terminal) and that the power cord is plugged securely into the power pack as well as the electrical plug for the power pack.
  • Contact the Helpdesk if this does not produce a positive result. (LINK to CONTACT US: HELPDESK)

Ensure that your terminal remains in one place and avoid moving it around. Also make sure that the cables are not in the path of mobile parts of your counter (drawers, etc.).


  1. Nothing happens when I press a key on the terminal:

It may be that one of the keys is stuck. Run / glide your fingers over the keys that you use most often (passwords, etc.). Handle the keyboard with care; do not tap the keys, simply pressing them is enough. If some of the keys of your keyboard are unresponsive after pressing them several times, please contact the Helpdesk to have your unit replaced. (LINK to CONTACT US: HELPDESK)


  1. My screen displays "Configuration required”:

Your terminal was interrupted during a Teleconfiguration. Press F3 – Teleconfig – green button/ok.


  • When modifications are being made to receipts, logos, stocks (through the Helpdesk) and products (adding / removing products), the terminals are requested to automatically teleconfigure. They connect after the terminal has been recharged to receive the new parameters.
  1. Which till roll for which terminal or register? 

Model/Type of Terminal


Order code

Barracuda Verifone/Sagem Pstn





Barracuda Sagem/Ingenico ADSL

Description: Sagem Ingenico PSTN.png







Barracuda Ingenico ICT 220 (Latest model) ADSL

Description: ingenico ict 220.jpg







Octopus Xenta/Yomani MU-BU Pstn-ADSL







Octopus Xenta/Yomani BUP SWIVEL Pstn-ADSL

Description: yomani.png








Octopus Xentissimo/Yoximo GPRS





Rouleaux de caisse thermique – Distrishop






1. What do I do with a defective product?

For gift cards such as VAB, Planet Parfum, Altissia, la Carte du Destin and the Fleur gift card, the procedure is the following: scan the back of the gift card on which you will find the scratched-off code as well as the card’s unique code and send it to alvadisorder@alvadis.be. This way, we can check whether or not the card has been used. We will proceed to a refund in cases in which the card is genuinely defective.

  1. I haven’t received my delivery yet. What can I do?


Telephone Alvadis Order and you will be informed when delivery of your order is expected. (Link to CONTACT US: Order Online)


The paper invoice is planned to disappear and will be replaced by an electronic version. As from now, we invite you to discover our general terms and conditions on our website.

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