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Whether you are a retailer, a wholesaler or an independent point of sale, as a distributor and supplier of IT solutions, we have what you need to boost your sales!

Optimise sales

Alvadis helps you optimise your sales. We analyse and track our product categories. Our marketing team regularly organises sales promotions as well as visibility campaigns. The Distriweb tool keeps you informed about ongoing promotions. Products are laid out in a strategic way by our sales team in order to attract the consumer’s eye.

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A vast portfolio of products

We offer a wide range of renowned products that best meet the Belgian consumers’ needs. Alvadis is always looking for new products that will generate better sales. Products such as gift cards present a major advantage, for example. They exclude any risk of theft because they have no value until they are activated when scanned at the check-out.

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Merchandising & logistics

Alvadis has a dedicated team of merchandisers and sales representatives out in the field. They guarantee the regular delivery of products in the shortest timeframe while keeping you efficiently informed.

Innovative solutions

Alvadis offers innovative and secure solutions for the selling of prepaid products: terminals, cash register systems, web service, etc. Alvadis also has a secure technical platform to communicate activation and download requests for gift vouchers in real time. In case of a technical issue, our helpdesk is available 6 days a week to assist you quickly and efficiently. The products that we offer, such as gift vouchers, have the major advantage of having no value until they have are activated when scanned at the check-out, thereby limiting any risk of theft.

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As a key reference on the Belgian market, Alvadis supplies prepaid products and services to more than 5,000 points of sale throughout the country. Much more than a simple distributor, we are also a partner for our customers and suppliers.



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